Hello 2016: Thoughts For The New Year

“Thirty ways to shape up for [the new year] – number one: eat less; number two: exercise more; number three… What was I talking about? I’m so hungry right now.” – Maria Bamford

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Notebooks / Initial Necklace

A new year should mean a fresh imagination, clear goals and a belly full of determination… and not for having a dubious mindset to either lose weight, exercise more etc. It’s a wonderful opportunity for new ideas to spark, or more commonly known as a period where everyone makes unreasonable resolutions for themselves.

I’ll talk you through the usual January grind; day 1) you’ve woken up with a banging headache, having no recollection of what day it is,  you take a quick scroll of Instagram and your stream is clogged up with #NewYearNewMe. “Aah it’s 2016…wait what?” Time to dig out the running trainers… “Nah, I’ll start tomorrow.” day 10) you head out on another dreaded jog, with the hope you’ll see those familiar faces you once spotted on that new-years-week running streak, but they are no where to be seen, they have obviously given up, but there are the odd few keen ones who are sporting some new running gear (the ‘professionals’), you can’t give up now, everyone knows your in it to win it…; day 25) you’ve been using the excuse, “It’s too cold outside” for weeks now, but in fact the joggers are spying through your window, jealous of your cup of tea and biscuits whilst they trudge through another jog. Feeling defeated? Absolutely not, at least you tried!

Nevertheless, there is still hope for success. Try and set a goal which is more achievable, and less draining for your body and mind. Maybe organisation is somewhere to start. Treat yourself to a notebook or planner, and keep it by your side at all times. This way, you’ll being saving yourself enormous amounts of stress and worry because by writing it down, you won’t have a million thoughts racing through your mind.

For me, this year brings a lot of demands, and although being productive is all well and good, sometimes you’ve got to give yourself a break. I’ve got into an awful habit of structuring my day down to the last minute. One of my resolutions is to not do this. I don’t have a convincing plan-of-action on how I’m going to tackle this, but I will gradually work at it.

Happy New Year!

Jemima Plume Xx


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