How To Find Your Style

Everyone loves a good trend, it makes getting dressed in the morning so much more easier because you have a set of rules you go by each season. However, as Iris Apfel once said, “I don’t have any [style] rules, because I’d only be breaking them.” It’s time to break the rules.

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It can be difficult to pin-point your exact style because it will naturally evolve. Nowadays savvy fashion influencers follow their own style, they are the trend setters. They’re the men and women who take inspiration from the media, art, culture and whatever they have a passion for. Sure, they wear ‘trendy’ clothes, but really they chose to buy those clothes because they felt it suited them, and felt comfortable and confident wearing it. An outfit can speak your personality and mood, and so you can tell a lot about a person by the way they dress. So what if you don’t want to ‘dress to impress’. If you like it, then wear it! You never know, something that’s not some people’s cup of tea, may inspire others to dress more uniquely, more you. 

 Find Your Style Icon:

To determine your fashion influencer, just take a look at your Instagram feed, for example, and you unknowingly get fed daily style inspiration from people who share similar taste to you. You see people wearing things you’d never dare wearing out of the house, but on them it really suits them and makes them stand out of the sea of people who unfortunately result to an all-black outfit. I personally don’t have one style icon, but what I do is take inspiration from my favourite Instagram accounts, such as @chiaraferragni and @weworewhat. Although they’re outfits usually add up to a pricey cost, I still admire their way mixing colours and textures in a modern and sophisticated way.

Choose A Signature Piece:

Audrey had the LBD, Kendall has the black Givenchy tote and we can spot those huge circular black glasses a mile off on Iris. What’s your trademark piece? It may be the bag everyone comments on, or the coat that fits you like a glove. You know what yours is, find it and wear it till it’s worn out! That’s when you know it’s been well and truly loved by you, and others.

Feeling Confident:

Dressing is wonderful way to make you feel confident, but honestly some trends just don’t fit all. Trust me, the amount of times I’ve lusted over something, tried it on in the flesh, and had to part separate ways with it *why there isn’t a pair of OTKs in my wardrobe*. It’s one of the few harsh realities that come with the pleasure of shopping. You must learn to accept what suits your body shape, that way you’ll become better at satisfying your à la mode palette. Without realising, you gravitate towards pieces in your wardrobe that make you feel and look great, resulting in abandoning things that just aren’t ‘you’.

Let Your Beauty Shine Through:

Wanting to make a style impression consists of not all the attention on your outfit, your makeup surprisingly plays a part too. Do a bit of experimenting and find out what’s the perfect balance, a cat eye may pull your look together whereas for other people a red lip is the missing piece. You may only need the slightest accent of colour on your face, so don’t over do it.

I tend to follow trends but also go a bit off piste and add a bit of individuality.

So, here’s to breaking the rules of fashion.

Jemima Plume Xx

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