Stand-Out Sunglasses

No longer are sunglasses used for shying away from the world, this year’s sunnies will be drawing attention left, right and centre.

Screen Shot 2016-02-18 at 22.10.46

In my opinion, accessories are the key pieces to any outfit. Your clothes are the base, and when shoes, bags and sunglasses get involved, that’s when it gets interesting.

The colour and shape spectrum is endless. There’s circle, square, cat-eye… reflective, metal-rimmed, embellished… pick your fancy.

If some of the ones pictured above do take your fancy, but you can’t afford the price tag of Gucci or Gabbana, then I suggest companies such as Quay, ASOS and Spitfire*. They sell just as wacky and wonderful sunglasses, with a fraction of the designer price.

*I have a pair of Spitfire Circle Pink/Blue fade sunglasses on my Depop. They’ve been worn once and are cheaper than the ones featured online. My username is jemimaplumd, check them out!

Jemima Plume Xx



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