Harry Styles AKA Fashion Icon

1/4 of One Direction, notorious for his hair and killer charm, gay rights advocate and a fashion icon?

Screen Shot 2016-02-21 at 15.16.12.png

Sure, Harry would look great in a bin bag, but he has an obvious taste for fashion. His most worn designers include Saint Laurent, Marc Jacobs and Louis Vuitton. However, it’s not like he has a personal stylist, his choice of outfits are undeniably unique. His statement outfit consists of ultra-skinny black jeans, daring printed shirts and slim pointed boots. His particular love of Saint Laurent shows his style as rock n’ roll chic.

He has a notable knowledge of combining different prints, which would be seen as ‘larry’ and ‘clashy’ but Harry makes it… stylish, edgy, masculine.

He uses style as way of abolishing stereotypes, and because fashion is sadly discriminate to men, he breaks gender roles by wearing clothes made for women, and he works this pretty well, and respectably. Women are allowed to wear men’s clothes, but throw a pair of heels on a man and “OMG, he shouldn’t be wearing heels, he’s a MAN!” By wearing pink, leopard print and heeled cowboy boots, he is influencing other men to go out of their comfort zone because if Harry, a boy band member and icon to millions of girls, can dress femininely and be called a “fashion icon”, why can’t other men dress the same?

We can only hope for the day Harry struts down the red carpet wearing a Saint Laurent body-con dress.

Keep on breaking the rules Harry.

Jemima Plume Xx

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