Nobody’s Child Makes Fast-Fashion Ethical

This London-based brand is setting the trend of ethical fashion.

Screen Shot 2016-04-02 at 13.01.01.png

When reading the words ‘ethical fashion’, ideas of potato sack bags and beetroot-dyed t-shirts may spring to mind, but don’t be too quick to judge…

Shown above in the collage are just a few fab items you can purchase today, guilt-free. I say ‘guilt-free’ because Nobody’s Child go through each step of the manufacturing process in a much more environmentally and ethically friendly way compared to other fashion brands (of which I won’t name names but I urge you to watch ‘The True Cost’ on Netflix to find out more).

This brand is so unique because over a period of 10 years they have been gathering and growing the brand, making sure it is ethical every step of the way. From their dye house to photographic studios, it is important for the brand they keep it high quality without using unnecessary ‘short-cuts’. Those short-cuts being sweat shops and sourcing factories in developing countries to name a few. In fact their knitting plant, print facility, dye house and distribution centre are all based in the UK. By controlling the entire process, Nobody’s Child is able to put a small price on high-quality garments without altering any ethical standards.

Oh, and did I mention how gorgeous the clothes are? I have to admit, Nobody’s Child is the first ever clothing brand I have come across and fell completely in love. It’s a bit strange because I have a certain style which I can’t even pinpoint, but the designers at Nobody’s Child have got it down to a T. And their new SS16 ‘Spring Broke’ campaign is just as floral, fresh and fabulous.

I really believe this brand is leading the future of fast fashion, because it often goes unnoticed that when trying to satisfy the fashion industry’s need for producing fast fashion FAST, quality and manufacturing conditions are often turned a blind eye.

Nobody’s Child are influencing present and future brands by saying:

“Fast fashion doesn’t have to be synonymous with low quality or questionable manufacturing practices.”

And Nobody’s Child show how this is possible.

Jemima Plume Xx

One thought on “Nobody’s Child Makes Fast-Fashion Ethical

  1. Amy says:

    How come nobody’s child are able to sell their clothes so cheaply? What proportion of clothes are made in the UK? I’m a little suspicious of the fact that they own factories in Asia and Europe and the clothes are so cheap – they say ‘fast fashion with a conscience’ but they don’t actually go into detail on how they treat the workers in their factories. I want this company to be ethical so bad, and I’m willing to accept that they are able to produce ethically made clothes at costs you would find on the high street, but I think we have to be careful.

    I would be so grateful for any thoughts.
    Many thanks.


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