Top 5 Apps For Fashion Inspiration

These apps keep any fashionista up-to-date on the latest trends.

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Vogue Runway: This is such a great app if you’re into your high-end designers. There’s ‘Latest Shows’ and ‘All Shows’ tabs, where there is a constant feed of fresh snaps straight from the runway. I was amazed by the amount of seasons and designers available on the app. If you want to work in the fashion industry, this app is really handy in growing your knowledge of what certain designers look for in a line.

VILLOID: Launched by Alexa Chung, this app allows you to create mood boards of outfits, trends and colour palettes by picking out pieces from a whole range of brands. It’s basically an area where you can share your personal style and favourite brands, as well as exploring other people’s style.

Lyst: I’ve already talked about the wonders of this app here, and oh my I’m warning any impulse shoppers. Instead of daily checking your Instagram feed, you will be hourly checking Lyst if those Dior sunglasses or that Fendi purse has come back in stock.

M2M: This one is the ultimate app for a fashionista. The time has come when you can sit in bed whilst streaming the past week’s fashion shows. Milan, Paris, New York… you name the fashion week and M2M have all the shows pre-loaded onto the app. You are quite literally sitting frow (front-row) when streaming from M2M, in fact I spyed a certain Wintour sitting front row at LV.

Prêt à Template: Super easy to use, just select your colour or pattern and draw away onto fresh sets of croquis (plain sketches for fashion drawings).

Jemima Plume Xx

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