On The Run In Flatforms

Flatforms (flat platforms) are becoming the most dangerous and daring footwear, but when they come in Stella’s silver and gold, and sequinned espadrilles, it’s worth the risk of twisting your ankle, no?thumbnail_IMG_2314

Own picture details: (top left) ASOS Star Flatform Trainers / (bottom right) Flatform Sequin Espadrilles (similar) / Embroidered Denim Jeans

Having said “twisting your ankle”, that was only to draw your attention. Now I have your attention, I’ll tell you the truth.

Flatforms are the comfiest shoe you can get when it comes to height-elevating footwear.I am ab-so-lutey in love with shoes with an added elevation, because honestly I could do with faking a few inches myself, and flatforms are sneaking in *fashionably* disguising the added inches.

Whilst you stride along with flatforms on your feet, your friends and family members will be oblivious to the fact that you have miraculously grown 3-inches in the past hour, as their attention will be drawn to the shimmery stars or sequin galore. So I recommend you don’t get a boring pair of flatforms, but reach for something shiny and eye catching, because since you’ve come this far-wacky, it would be rude not to go the extra mile and achieve super-wacky, ‘yuh get me?

Jemima Plume Xx

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