Summer Resolutions

Long time no blog, but I have an excuse…

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Picture sourced from Tumblr / edit and typography by me using Ai

I’m now well into my GCSEs, 6 down and 10 to go. So really blogging had to take a back seat during this month of hell. Believe me, I would rather be writing endless blog posts than revising simultaneous equations and the carbon cycle… but I won’t bore you with that nonsense.

Even so, all the cramming, stress and tears has no doubt got me thinking about summer. The thought of having basically two months of freedom is spurring me on…

But what am I going to do for two months? Obvs I’m going to chill, sleep, eat – repeat. Basically recharge my batteries since I’ll be absolutely drained. But during that I really want to have some creative projects on-the-go, and just do something productive with my time. So, here are my summer resolutions…

1. Experiment with fashion videography – I’ve been interested in this for a long time but I never seem to find the right place or time to start. I don’t know how I’m going to do it, because there aren’t many fashion videographers out there, but I’ll find my niche and hopefully it will become a new hobby like blogging. So I’ll keep you updated on this and perhaps I’ll promote it on YouTube?

2. Intern at a fashion company – This one is based on pure luck. I think it would be great to broaden my knowledge of working in fashion because that’s the industry I’m set on working in one day. So interning at a fashion business would really give me some skills and advice that just can’t be learnt in a classroom.

3. Learn the basics of Mandarin – Excuses after excuses, this has been my new year’s resolution for two years now. But now’s the time, since I’m going from taking two languages at GCSE to zilch at A-Level.

4. Take photos by quality over quantity – I can confess to taking an embarrassing 50 photos of basically the same thing and keeping every single one. I may finally give in and bag myself a polaroid, as this may be the answer to limiting my addiction to the photo-snapping abundance.

I’ll keep you in the loop once exams have finished and I’ll have all the time in the world to blog to my heart’s content. Let me know in the comments if you have any summer resolutions of your own, or tell me if mine have inspired you.

Jemima Plume Xx



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