Models Eat Too

The men and women who grace our runways each season, looking somewhat of super humans, do eat.Β Screen Shot 2016-07-05 at 21.23.41

Pictures sourced from Tumblr / Effects using Ai

The common assumption towards thin models these days is that they starve themselves, whilst working out multiple times a day.

Thinking they live off an apple slice and a handful of nuts a day is such a stereotype…

…but yes, some models do unfortunately result to extreme crash dieting before a fashion week, however recently models are exploiting the truth to their ‘cheat days’ and ‘quick breakfasts’.

Many young people, including me, are influenced by the appearance of models; social media supplies a constant feed of what is trending, who is the current ‘It’ Girl, and other ideals involved with models in fashion, leaving many lusting over their Insta-worthy lives. This can be damaging, however because models are now sharing pictures of their avo toast as well as their ‘In-N-Out’ burgers online, fans and followers can have an insight into their non-photoshopped-VSCOcam-filtered lives.

And although the poached eggs pics and green juice uploads can cause a build up of green food on your feed, these uploads could get us one step closer to abolishing unhealthy body images associated with models in fashion.

Jemima Plume Xx


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