KM, Mossy, Queen Kate… whatever you call her, she’s back.

Screen Shot 2016-08-05 at 14.44.31

Her career sparked when, at 18, she became Calvin Klein’s new face along with Mark Wahlberg, and since then her name has become known amongst more and more people. And that’s not just because she’s fronted countless campaigns for Gucci, Chanel… and more – it’s because she has the attitude and confidence to pull off anything. You name it and she’ll be wearing it like it’s next season’s hottest trend. Her life seems to draw in everyone’s attention, in particular the media’s, because of the quick-pace and accidental trip-ups (aka 2005 coccaine fiasco) that so often occur. Nevertheless, these past few years Kate has made quite the comeback – she’s shown the modelling world that a supermodel is not just a pretty face. She means business.

So what’s Mossy been up to these days?

Firstly, she’s teamed up with Adidas for the Gazelle trainers relaunch, which makes us all feel a bit nostalgic since she was the face for the the original Gazelle trainer back in 1993. She then featured in Ab Fab’s movie as the plot revolved around her disappearing off the face of the Thames, literally. So with acting and designing now checked, what else?

Of course, how could I forget – she’s the face and muse of Charlotte Tilbury’s new fragrance ‘Scent of A Dream’ which launches August 15th. Also, Kate just launched her collaboration collection with Equipment – think rocker chic over-sized pieces in an abundance of silk and stars.

It’s good to have you back, Kate.

Jemima Plume Xx


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