Techy-talk just got trendy.


Until only recently, I found getting my hands on some half-decent tech wear an impossible task. I would google ‘cool…nice…fashionable tech wear’ and the results would leave me a disappointingly sad pile of naffness. But then I was reminded of Skinny Dip‘s snazzy designs.

I gave Skinny Dip‘s site a quick scroll – half expecting to be disappointed again, but I was pleasantly surprised; all things graphic and glitter flooded my page.

I decided to go for a more subtle iPhone case, without any googly-eyed avocados (although I was tempted). I love the iridescent hint and also the fact you can see the rose gold of my phone peeping through, exactly what I was looking for!

Next up, laptop cases. We all need a trusty case that will see our precious laptops through wherever it goes,  but I didn’t want to settle for a chunky robust one. And so when I set my eyes on this classy and sleek pebble (faux) leather case with gold hardware, I was won over.

Jemima Plume Xx

P.S. For all you students out there, UniDays is currently offering a tempting 20% online discount on Skinny Dip products, happy shopping!



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