Defeats the point of it being ‘secret’, but I thought you’d like a nosey into my random Insta saves…


  1. @zara – Zara’s tutorials are always so creative and I get a lot of my layout inspiration from them, I’m taking note of the editing in this video.
  2. @blairz – I stumbled across Blair Breitenstein’s fashion illustrations a few months ago, and ever since then I’ve been in awe of her work. She has a really unique style – kinda weird but kinda cool art.
  3. @blairz – Love a play on words.
  4. @harmonyyoungs – This made me L-O-L! Its called ‘bum cleavage’. Let’s pray it doesn’t become a SS17 swimsuit trend.
  5. @hannahlvjones – One of many exhibitions I need to visit in London. This is Butler Archive’s latest pop-art work.
  6. @chiaraferragni – If I would get a tattoo, I’d 100% get something similar to this.
  7. @kellymaker – You’ve probably seen Kelly’s edits all over Instagram and I’m just as obsessed as you are. New life goal = Kelly Maker edits you’re Insta bikini pic.
  8. @lyst – Faux fur looking lush. Such a satisfying snap.
  9. @nobodyschild – …As said by anyone ever who’s Instagram is remotely ‘edgy’.
  10. @claartjerose – Another snazzy editing idea? I think so too.
  11. @livpurvis – Yet another café added to the ‘places in London to drink coffee’ list.
  12. @lyst – Why is there a Prada shop in a desert? Seems like my kind of mirage.

Jemima Plume Xx

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