The smaller the bag, the bigger the statement.

Screen Shot 2017-03-12 at 17.50.04

The shows from spring/summer 2017 showed models strutting with bags so small you could of mistaken them for long pendant necklaces. One example is Valentino, who proved that your lipstick is in need of its own separate bag.

As soon as this trend presented itself, I had one worry; doesn’t a ‘mini bag’ defeat the purpose of a bag? How can one fit their phone, keys… and everything else the traditional bag carries?

The answer? Layering. Like with your jewellery, layer mini bag on top of mini-mini bag to create an abundance of gold chain bag straps. A new way to add chain-mail detail (yet another SS17 trend) to an outfit.

I bought this bag last year from From St Xavier, and when it turned up in the post I was a tiny bit bewildered. It didn’t even fit my phone in it! But the thing that made me not return it was the unusual shell-like mosaic appearance, and the turquoise colour is SO in right now! From St. Xavier always have such unusual designs, and even though they may not be the most practical of bags, they never fail to add an unusual flare to any outfit.

Jemima Plume Xx


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