Are you a saver, a spender or a splurger?

Screen Shot 2017-03-13 at 21.15.54

From top left:

Save: By Zara

Spendy: By Tularosa

Splurge: By Balenciaga

The sailor stripe trend has always been *sailing* in and out of fashion, but this season shows a much more subtle take on it. As shown above, the likes of Zara, Tularosa and Balenciaga are but a few that have spun a fresh take on the typical stripe.

I’m not usually one for stripes. I find them tricky to style because they are both bold and plain. However, if the colours are toned down to a muted blue and white, it can make for a much more easy-to-style pattern.

Especially for the spring/summer, these items would look even better paired with a tan bag or tan shoes. These earthy tones will make for a much more casual look. Feeling bold? The classic red, blue and white combo will always be in fashion, so add accents of red in the form of accessories to be more daring.

Jemima Plume Xx

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