The battle of the brows: L’Oreal Brow Artist Genius Kit Vs Bobbi Brown Dark Brow Kit.

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If I had to only use one beauty product for the rest of my life, it would 100% be an eyebrow product. More specifically, a powder brow kit. I find that when eyebrows are filled in (naturally) they really help enhance your face shape and define your brow arch. So if you’re like me and you’re not blessed with naturally ‘fleeky’ brows, then there’s a solution to your problem in the form powder, pencil and everything in between. Through trial and error, my favourite type of brow product has to be powder as it gives you that natural look whilst still defining your brows, and you can vary the darkness of your brows in accordance to how heavy your makeup is. My first (brow powder) love is the L’Oréal Brow Artist Genius Kit. It’s a powder and gel duo, and comes with a mini double ended brush-spoolly. I wasn’t a fan of the gel product because I found it was difficult to apply and ended up making the application tool sticky and messy, which meant I had to find another application tool…

The 204 and 266SH brushes from MAC were the perfect replacement. Although these were quite pricey, I knew I would be using them everyday and, in my opinion, these both did a better job at shaping and filing in my brows compared to the L’Oréal application tool because the longer handle allowed more control and so a more natural and neat finish. The powder worked perfectly with the new tools, however towards the end of the product’s life (1 year on!) the powder began to crumble once applying with the brush and so I had to take more care with applying. Nevertheless, this product was brilliant given the cheap price and compact size!

As I said earlier, a year on and the silver base of the powder began to peak through. It was time to make the decision whether to repurchase the same product or be daring and try out a new one. I was keeping an eye out for other powder alternatives in Boots and Superdrug but nothing was appealing to me. I felt like I could splash out on this type of product because it had lasted me over a year, and so I could justify spending over £10. Usually I’m quite stingy with beauty products, but when I was strolling through Duty Free the other day I couldn’t help not having a browse at the brow products available. After seeing the gorgeous packaging of Bobbi Brown’s Brow Kit I instantly persuaded myself that my brows deserved an upgrade, and so in the spur of the moment (or maybe it was the fact that I needed to catch my flight) I bagged it and happily went off with my first ever Bobbi Brown purchase.

The Bobbi Brown Dark Brow Kit (also comes in another lighter shade) ticks all the boxes; a powder duo, mini tweezers and a brush all in a beautifully packaged compact box. Unlike the L’Oréal kit, this kit has a lighter and darker shade of powder. This allows you to build up the darker and lighter shades of your natural brow, ultimately achieving a very natural and defined brow. I tend to use the lighter shade at the front end of my brow and then blend with the darker shade as you gradually work your way down the brow. The duo powder was the main reason why I chose this specific kit because I hadn’t seen one like this available, and the powder itself applies really well with the MAC brushes (I wouldn’t recommend using the brush that comes with this kit).

So, are brow kits worth the splurge?

If you are like me and filing in your brows is part of your daily makeup routine, then yes you could justify spending £38 (£28 Duty Free price) on a product you know you’ll use daily and will last you for more than a year. Although, if you’re still finding your personal preference of a brow product formula (i.e. pencil, gel or powder) then I would experiment with a cheaper brow kit like the L’Oréal one just so you don’t end up spending loads on a product that just isn’t you.

Jemima Plume Xx

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