Fake that post-holiday glow.

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We’ve all heard of (or even tried) Benefit Cosmetics‘ Hoola Bronzer powder. I used to swear by this long-lasting, instant-bronzing powder. So, when Benefit brought out a liquid bronzer, yes, liquid, I was very intrigued to try it out.

I was sceptical to say the least because my immediate thought was how on earth can I use this product? It was too pigmented for me to use on its own as bronzer and being a liquid I found it tricky to master that contour effect.

Having bought this product with such high expectations I wasn’t going to stop there. I tried it as a second layer of coverage over foundation – nope, the all-over bronzed tan was just too much for me. I then thought, well, how can I make this product less concentrated?

The miraculous idea of mixing this bronzing liquid into my everyday moisturiser worked like a dream. You could call this concoction I mix together as a sort of BB cream or tinted moisturiser, but this dreamy combination of two different products deserves better (I use Garnier’s Moisture Bomb 3-in-1 Hydrating Day Cream). Unlike other tinted moisturisers, I can alter how bronzed I want my face to be. I usually use the ratio of 3 parts moisturiser to one part liquid bronzer as this gives the most even and natural outcome.

Also part of the Hoola range, this contour brush is something else. Apart from the bamboo-beautiful gold packaging, the soft turquoise brush bristles enable an easy, streak-free application of bronzer powder. For my bronzing powder, I use a combination of Laura Mercier’s light and dark-mixed-blush powders from the Blush & Glow Radiant Face Trio palette (now discontinued). I tap the brush three times into each powder as this enables a perfect balance between bronze and blush, and then swipe from the bottom to the top of my cheek bone.

Go on, go dew the hoola girls!

Jemima Plume Xx

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