Words to live by.

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It can often be challenging to push away those unnecessary negative thoughts, and even the most confident of people require a strong self-awareness to reassure themselves that you are confident.

Sure, we all have scenarios that make us doubt the consequences, be them good or bad. Doubt is a strong sense of contemplating decisions, showing you as an individual have the mental capability to make a sensible or silly decision. Whatever your doubts result in, you must remember doubts are a good thing.

With ‘good’ doubts comes confidence. Confidence to take a risk. Confidence to do whatever the hell you want. ‘Bad’ doubts are not so favourable. They stop you from venturing out of your comfort zone into the exciting (but scary) unknown.

When faced with a doubt, you may feel obliged to take one decision more than another purely based on the fact that you feel confident in what the outcome is. Ironic, I know, because you feel confident in a decision that requires little-to-none confidence. And that’s why risk taking is a whole different inner self-confidence.

And because life is so hectic, we often forget to step out of our comfort zone because it seems like the easier option, which it is. I like to be reminded about this, and that’s why I love having wall art dotted around my room. This one (pictured above) in particular I think is such a pretty and powerful piece of writing, and I hang it above my desk to help me with motivating myself during stressful times of study.

You can buy this very piece of wall art and other ones at, and what’s better is that if you enter the code ‘trenditplume20’ at checkout you receive 20% off!

Jemima Plume Xx


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