NICCE has your summer wardrobe sorted to a palm-print point.

Screen Shot 2017-06-28 at 18.06.39

I have always admired NICCE‘s way of making the most basic of clothing with an unusual edge. Personally, my wardrobe isn’t filled with those ‘go-to’ white Ts and LBDs, because frankly I find it boring to create an outfit with little-to-none thought. I tend to gravitate towards more unusual pieces such as an interesting pattern or unique cut of a garment. I like pieces that compliment another’s quirky and different details. And NICCE achieve this exact desire because they manage to keep their bold designs in muted colours whilst still achieving an unusual flare, be that by the cut and structure of a body suit.

NICCE are known for their garments to be logo-clad with their iconic black or white logo, however their latest ‘essentials’ collections shows something different. It is obvious that NICCE are evolving their brand image via the alterations of their designs, because this new collection doesn’t scream “NICCE”! “NICCE”!

Loud logos aside, the London-based brand always manage to tone down their designs by choosing the most beautiful muted colour palette of olive greens, pale pinks and greys. For me, this is my favourite colour palette.

I especially love this swimsuit from last year (unfortunately now discontinued), and I’m also eyeing up a few of their other swimsuits and body suits.

Jemima Plume Xx


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