A cropped check jacket? Check!

Screen Shot 2017-08-28 at 21.25.36


When I say I loveΒ a particular bag, jacket, shoe… I mean the brand’s designers have got the balance of colour palette and structure to a T. For example, let’s say a T-shirt has the most amazing design with the most brilliant colour palette, but the style is a bit basic and unoriginal. That, in my eyes, is what lets down the piece as a whole. So, for me, when designers get the balance of structure and colour right, it really does shine through.

IΒ love this jacket because…

The boxy structure is really flattering and the gathered sleeves gives the illusion of longer, slimmer arms, whilst the boxy shoulders squares off your top-half to give a more put-together look. Plus, the silver buttons running along the zip add a little shiny detail. Being cropped, this jacket would look amazing paired with either baggy or skinny high-waisted jeans, and layered over a cosy turtleneck knit or tight ribbed top.

I would normally say that a black, white and red colour palette is quite a safe and unoriginal choice, but the thin red lines running through the traditional black and white design creates a modern take on the traditional houndstooth pattern. The red would also give that much needed pop of colour to any winter outfit.

When the weather becomes a bit more chillier (some time soon probably) I’ll get to style this jacket and feature it here, so stay tuned!

Jemima Plume Xx

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