London’s ultimate and most authentic Indian restaurant.

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Situated in one of my favourite areas of London, Dishoom know how to do an Indian properly. Forget greasy curries served in plastic take-away boxes, and think fresh and fiery flavours.

Ever since my first feast at Dishoom King’s Cross, I wanted to blog about the restaurant. Before I rushed into writing a review, I wanted to try and test all the Dishoom restaurants in London. Out of King’s Cross, Carnaby and Shoreditch, I believe the Shoreditch one is the best. Maybe because that was the original Dishoom, but being located in the eclectic area of Shoreditch, I think, really enhances the true Bombay-style Dishoom has and adds to the multi-culture of London.

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Everything from the tableware to the cocktails have been creatively crafted to fit Dishoom’s rustic yet exotic look. Posh street-food springs to mind when I look at the menu. Be prepared to ask your waitress/waiter what certain dishes mean, because I can assure you there isn’t a Chicken Korma on the menu.

Save room if you have a sweet tooth – choose from a ‘Lassi’ (like a creamy drink flavoured with rose) or a range of their traditional Indian deserts. Apparently people from all over come to taste their ‘Kala Khatta Gola Ice’, so I was intrigued to give it a go…

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Honestly, looks are deceiving with this desert because it appeared to be refreshingly fruity, but tasted like a mouthful of salty, spicy ice. However, all other dishes, especially the Biriani and Samosas, are a 10/10.

Jemima Xx

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