Hey there! I’m Jemima Plume, a 17 year old young lady aspiring to work in the fashion industry. You’ll find me with my head buried in a Teen Vogue or cooking up weird and wonderful things in the kitchen. I’m lucky enough to call London my (second) home, and like to spend my free time seeking out trendy spots in London, wandering in art galleries and, of course, shopping… that’s if I’m not bogged down with work!

Q & A:

Describe your blog in three words: Trendy, unique and snazzy. 

Who is your biggest style inspiration? 
I personally don’t have one style icon. I get some inspiration from other bloggers and magazines, but obviously trends influence everyone’s style, including mine. I don’t want to follow trends religiously, in my opinion that’s boring! I use dressing as a way of expressing my personality, thus I don’t want to dress exactly like thousands of other women. I tend to lust over something which everyone has, and then hold out for about a month (if I can wait that long) and sure enough something similar but with a different twist will be right there, online or in shops. That way I  don’t feel like a hypocrite! You can read more about style here.

Which three items are currently at the top of your wish list?
 A really good texturising hair spray/serum to give my short hair more waves (recommendations please!), the perfect pair of straight cut high-waisted jeans (skinny jeans are OUT, hooray!) and possibly…maybe… the Fendi Pink-Dip Tote (a girl can dream).

What is the one item from your wardrobe you would save in a fire? My look-alike McCartney Rucksack, it’s my baby.

Which beauty products couldn’t you live without? BB-Cream, L’Oréal Brow Artist and Flowerbomb by Viktor & Rolf.

Which cities have you visited recently, and which are your favourite to shop in? New York was brilliant for more high-street shops (and I found a few fab bargains), but Marrakech definitely for more unique pieces and knick-knacks.

Where is your favourite place to shop for luxury products and why? 
Liberty for their heavenly prints and Selfridges for their enormous shoe collection.

Where do you like to shop in London? 
Luckily there’s a Zara nearly on every corner, but mainly Kings Road. However my new found love is Neal Street, it’s just off Covent Garden and has a Brandy Melville, Zara and Urban Outfitters. But whenever you spend a day on Oxford Street, you always return home with aching arms stacked with successful buys.

Do you have any London eatery recommendations?
 Sushi Samba has great Thai-Japanese food, but on the less pricey side I would stroll through The Real Food Festival for the most amazing smells ranging from Mauritius-inspired Paella to the most scrummy pulled pork nam bread wraps.

Aside from shopping, what are your favourite things to do in London?
 Stroll around the parks and streets for dream house hunting (especially around Chelsea or South Kensington area), and stopping off at cafes for some great people watching or pop into a nearby art gallery.

Favourite things in the whole world? Peanut butter, Vogue and music by Flume.

Why did you start blogging? My dream is to work in fashion, but I don’t quite know what in. Blogging about my interests seemed an obvious way to explore the different areas of the fashion industry. I didn’t start blogging to get the perks like free things (although that did tempt me), and neither did other bloggers, but I started because I wanted to find something I could build on, and have more of an insight into fashion and possibly see what my strengths and weaknesses lie in.

How can I contact you?  Instagram – @jemimaplume or @trenditplume / Twitter – @mimaplume /

If you have any questions you’re itching to ask, please feel free to comment them below or fill in this contact form here, and I’ll be happy to reply! I’m open to any sponsors, as long as they are relevant to my blog!

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